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Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get some answers here for my daughters sake, she is having terrible trouble with allergies. She had allergy testing and they said she is allergic to just about everything outside, plus dust, dogs and cats. They never did any food allergy testing. We have had our animals in the house 2 dogs and 2 cats since she was a baby, now she is 8. The doctor never said we had to get rid of them, yet anyway, he said to start her on allergy shots because she keeps getting nose symtoms and this cough that leads to bronchitis and this past time a touch of pnuemonia. Well, this past Thursday she had her first allergy shots, (feeling fine at the time) and by Sunday she was right back to the cough. She has taken an antibiotic at least once a month since like October. This is the problem, noone wants to get rid of the pets. They are like our family. My daughter chose to get shots rather than get rid of them and she is the worst feared of a needle. What should I do? If I get rid of them she may still be sick all the time anyway from being allergic to other things. But am I making her sick all the time by not getting rid of them. Also their dander is all over this house, I would have to completely strip my house to get rid of it even if I did get rid of them. She and the rest of my family will be devastated to have to get rid of half of our family, but I don't know how much more her lungs can take. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
My next dilemma is her medicine. At first she was just on singulair and flonase. Well that was not helping, actually I think the singulair was making her sicker to her stomach and it was not helping her at all. She was also doing proventil inhaler at that time. So this last episode with the bronchial pnuemonia they put her on zyrtek and advair. She also got zithromax which clears everything up for about 2 weeks then she right back to where she started. Anyway, I really don't think the singulair was doing anything for her maybe even making her worse, but the doctors said its not the singulair, keep giving it to her. Why do I have to keep giving it to her if it does nothing. I know I should listen to the doctors but I just have this feeling it does not agree with her. The commercial says one of the side effects of it is upper respiratory infection. The doctors say that is rare. Any suggestions or opinions? Thanks in advance for your help.