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I have been on Singulair for about a year and I have had no side effects. I take it once a day in the evenings. I am not sure how much it would help my symptoms as my primary medication, but in conjunction with my other allergy and asthma medications it helped me get things under control. Originally, I was prescribed the Singulair as an asthma medication when I couldn't get a horrible cough (caused by asthma, allergies, PND) under control. It worked for me.

Singulair was the last medication added to my regimine which also includes: Allegra, Flonase, Astelin, Advair 500/50, Albuterol as needed.

I have an appointment in two weeks for a medication check-up. Three of my co-pays went up to $50 in January, in addition to 3 that already cost that much, so even though my current routine is working, I can't afford it anymore. With other meds, I am up to almost $400/month. It worries me to change meds though. Also, for my insurance for the Singulair, Allegra and Flonase are the recommended replacements. How can I use them as replacements when I am already taking them????