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[QUOTE]I am fed up with people asking if i have a cold every time i meet someonehahahah, that sounds like me as a kid, everything you said. I snored as a kid. I was soooo stuffed up if you plug your nose and talk, that is how my voice was Known…. And as a kid, that sucks… to sound so geeky.. But I started taking flonase before bed… I also had the op for polyps, and like you it only lasted 2 weeks, I used to snore very bad, and so did my mother, and like you my mother had to sleep every night in a different room from my father, I thought it was so weird and couldn’t understand it. It also made me sad to see my mother and father sleep apart because of her snoring. Something she couldn’t help. But he didn’t love about her. I don’t know I’m a crystal child and can understand how someone can’t love another person unconditionally.

I just told my husband I was writing you, and he said “I remember when you used to snore, it would keep me up every night, but its been a long time.”

When my doc gave me flonase I took it before bed and I stopped snoring. You only take it once a day, and it works best when you first take it, so don’t take it in the morning, but take it before bed when it is at its strongest. Then I didn’t have to take it anymore, but when I slowly start snoring again, I start it again. And that night, I don’t snore it works that fast! The thing is if you have polyps, they are filling up your nose because they are so inflamed, but flonase brings that down, so you can breathe. But as flonase wears off, they become inflamed again, And OTC meds are not recommended for taking everyday. The good thing about fonase, is its long term, the more your polyps, stay down, the longer they stay down. And they get inflamed less and less often. A side effect is nose bleeds, if that happens you need to take a break from it. And sleep in the other room, But when you start again it should be fine.

Its not a regular thing to get nose bleeds, but if it become a regular thing, but it works for you, talk to you doctor about giving you a different med, that can work the same, but cause less side effects.

You may also have like me and my mother, sleep apnea, and this treatment also helped with that. but if you are so miserable, you really need to get better treatment. and I will always be there for ya, after all Misery loves company. :blob_fire :)