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I have rhinitis in both of my nostrils. Basically its been red and blocked off for several years now, its only quite recently i noticed this and its been also really screwing up my sleep and breathing. I also been regularly blowing my nose (the mucus is clear) now and then.
I went to two physicians. One gave me penicillin but that worked only temporary. the other subscribed me flonase and that barely worked as well.
I've gone to take a X-ray to check for sinusitis but I was told nothing was wrong even though my entire sinus feels congested and I could feel the pressure on my eyes. I also have baggy eyes, all of it are symptoms of sinusitus strangely.

Once I goto the ENT specialist will I need to surgery to remove my nasal congestion?
Also slightly offtopic but I have tongue-tie (a tissue underneath my tongue restricting my tongue movement) and I'm wondering If its possible if the doctor can remove it for me. usually a dentist would do it but I heard ENT specialist can do it as well.