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I've been on Singulair for about 2 1/2 years. I take it as an addition to my allergy and asthma medications to get better control of the symptoms for both. It has worked very well for me for this purpose. I am not sure how how well it would work on its own.

FYI: The other allergy medications I take are: Allegra, Flonase & Astelin. For asthma I also take Advair 500/50 and Albuterol (as needed).
I am now taking Singulair for allergies. I have been on it less than a week. I can say it's not helped a lot yet, but I have noticed less pressure in my head. Your symptoms have sounded very close to mine, and I see you are now going the antidepressant route- well it's been suggested to me that I take antidepressants as well because of the months of dealing with allergies. My allergy symptoms (pressure, feeling just weird, tired, nasal congestion, but no sneezing, itchy eyes or anything like that) have made me develop pretty bad anxiety. I take a Lorazepam or two a day (since June), Flonase (doesn't seem to do much), and now the Singulair. I have also developed some acid reflux (which I read can be related to allergies). I was wondering- what exactly are you allergic to and have you found relief yet? I am having skin tests done in a couple weeks.