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most give me a bloody nose as well.. have you tried Flonase or Nasonex? I find both of them to be pretty gentle, but I still have a hard time with long-term use of nose sprays.
i don't know why they always take good products off the market, its like they want us to be supper sick so they give us meds that over a long period of time will cause searious problems, so they can give us more meds.

I too get not nose bleeds, but every time I blow my nose there is always a little red in it. I use flonase, and I don't use it all the time, only when i'm really bad. the thing is you have to know when to say, "yeah this sucks, but do I really need meds? no I can live with it" if you use to much nose sprays it slowly (very slow) eats the lining of you nose. which over time will cause the nose bleeds even if you are not usuing it. and could cause scare tissue. however the fact is there are not alot of people with that damage yet, as its not common, and many people are only starting to take this stuff regular.

Don't know if you're still monitoring this post but thought 3 things might be helpful. First of all, you mention that Rhinocort worked for you and I wanted to make sure you know that they didn't take it off the market, they just reformulated it so that it's not an aerosol - Rhinocort AQ is still available (by prescription) it's what I use - I've tried several others and it definitely works the best for me. I too sometimes get some minor bleeding and just take a break for a day or two and that seems to work.

Have you tried Sudafed (the original with pseudoephedrine) tablets - those work pretty well for me also but I know they make some people really wired (I wouldn't bother with the reformulated Sudafed PE - there's some question as to whether the reformulated PE products work at all as a decongestant)

Finally, I saw the response below and wanted to clear something up - steroid nasal sprays (Rhinocort, Flonase, etc.) DO NOT HAVE A REBOUND EFFECT. The sprays that cause the rebound effect are sprays like Afrin that contain oxymetazoline. There is some question as to whether a preservative called benzalkonium chloride that is used in some steroid sprays and even some saline sprays can contribute to the rebound effect but it's somewhat controversial (and Rhinocort doesn't contain either, another reason I like it).

[QUOTE=Titchou;3273794]The problem with most nasal sprays for congestion only is that they have a rebound effect. In other words, after a while they bring on the symptoms you are trying to get rid of.