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Hi - thanks for your replies!

trup20 - I have never had any type of rash, only hives, head to toe, swollen ears, swollen eyes and swollen lips (never any in my throat, though) I have been tested many times for food allergies and environmental allergies. The only food allergy they found is almonds. I have alot of allergies to different pollens, grasses, trees, and cats. I have nasal allergies year round and I do have asthma. The doctors have always thought of my hives as being caused more by an auto-immune problem, though, because they come and go. I take claritin and flonase on a daily basis pretty much all year round, and singulair and an albuterol inhaler or advair inhaler when needed.

titchou - The dr. also thought I may have had pneumonia back in April. I had the symptoms for both that and influenza. They tested me for the flu and it came back negative, but dr. said that I had so many of the symptoms, that maybe my test gave a false negative result. So, in the end they decided that I had one or the other. I was like, whatever, I just want to get rid of it!! But I have been dragging ever since.

Thanks again for your replies - it helps alot!