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Here's my story...my ENT took a gaze into my nose and noted some swelling in my sinuses, but very little buildup. She suggested to me I might have an allergy and put me on Allegra and Flonase (and did a nose culture, the results of which I am still waiting on).

I don't feel like I have an allergy issue, though. I used to have a mild allergy to cut grass, but I have since gotten over it. I don't cough or sneeze or have a runny nose, my eyes aren't itchy, I don't get rashes, and my breathing isn't any more labored than it already. All I have right now is some pressure in my sinuses and a low-grade headache that worsens a little at night.

If I had an allergy, wouldn't I be a little more...symptomatic? Can an allergy occur with such limited symptoms?