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Can you take any prescription nasal sprays with your other meds? I find that Flonase and Astelin really help me.

Also, are you using any saline sprays or rinses. It will help with come of the gunk in your nose.

Air purifiers help some, but they aren't a solution.

I can't speak on the de-humidifier because where I live we are high on humidity at 19% right now. I didn't have the allergy problems during all they years I lived in higher humidity.

Do you have indoor allergies as well? If so, making sure you wash your linens in hot water weekly and keeping your place dust free will help as well.

Also, with seasonal allergies, it is recommended to change clothes outside your bedroom and to bathe and wash your hair in the evening before bed so that you aren't breathing in the pollens while you sleep.

Closing your windows should also help some when indoors.

For me, when my trigger pollens are high, I have problems regardless.