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There are a couple of foundational things that you should be doing that you don't mention:

[INDENT]1. Are you taking a daily antihistamine to keep the allergic reaction in check?
2. Do you use a steroid nasal spray (RhinocortAQ, Flonase, etc.) to minimize the inflammation in your nose?
3. Have you tried taking 12 hour Sudafed to minimize the congestion?[/INDENT]

If you're not doing those three things you probably should be, at least until allergy season passes.

Unfortunately, even after 2 weeks on Afrin you can experience significant rebound congestion so you may need to see a doctor about a short course of Prednisone to wean you off the Afrin (or you can wean yourself off by cutting the Afrin with a saline nasal spray like Ayr).