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I've just been prescribed Flonase, and understand that it will take several days to find relief. Is it OK to continue my OTC nasal spray until the Flonase starts to work? I was using phenylephrine spray several times a day, and was beginning to be unable to breathe without it.(also starting to experience heart palpitations...so I figured it was time to wean myself off the stuff)

I would, however, like to be able to breathe until the Flonase kicks in...it seems my seasonal allergies have turned into a year round thing.
You really need to stop the phenylephrine spray NOW. It causes rebound congestion that actually makes your congestion worse as it wears off. You might try taking 12 hour Sudafed instead of the phenylephrine spray until the Flonase kicks in.

If that just won't work you should start diluting the Phenylephrine spray with saline to wean yourself off of it, but the Flonase is not strong enough by itself to overcome the rebound swelling caused by Phenylephrine.
Thanks for the response, I decided to just go cold turkey and be miserable for a couple of days. The first night, I couldn't sleep, last night wasn't nearly as bad. This morning I haven't experienced any congestion at all.(hopefully, the Flonase is working) The only bad thing is that now (last night and this morning) I have annoying post-nasal drip. I took some Chlor-tabs, so I'll probably be asleep in half an hour! Oh well, at least I can breathe.