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I started Flonase just under a week ago for allergies and chronic sinus infections. It seems since I have started it my post nasal drip is worse.
Not to be too gross... but I spend a good part of my morning trying to get rid of all the stuff that has collected in my throat overnight.
Could it be that the flonase has not kicked in yet? or could it be that the flonase has opened the "flood gates" so to speak and everything is coming out? Or is the flonase not working at all or just not yet?

I also thought it could be dry air at night...making it worse, who knows.

any thoughts?

Thank you!!!
bumping up for some help :)

Seems it's getting worse, it's either a cold or could be a sinus infection.
Just a coincidence or could it be the Flonase? also, it's actually the generic of Flonase, would that make a difference?

Thank you!
I used Flonase for a few years and it used to help. Now I have been coughing and gagging on Post Nasal Drip from March '08 until the last 2 weeks. My allergist prescribed me Astelin nasal spray and i has worked much better!!! And boy if I forget to take it....I start getting the drip again. I was told to take it 2 sprays each nostril 2x a day but I only take it once a day.
I also recently began using Flonase ( the generic). After weaning myself off OTC nasal spray which took about 3 days, I am breathing fine. I noticed the post-nasal drip also, I just supposed it was my body's way of getting rid of all that built up congestion. I bought a sinus rinse kit and that seems to help. I still have a little cough, but most of the really bad thick stuff seems to be gone. If you haven't used something similar to this before, the only drawback is that it seems to dry out the nasal passages, I noticed a little blood on the kleenex today. But I'm feeling so much better, I can deal with that!
ive tried flixonase (flonase) i amongst other sprays and nothing has worked. Im still getting congested nose, eyes and pnd, which causes a cough that sounds like im a real heavy smoker yet i dont smoke! Does anybody get that 'lump' in their throat feeling with their sinus problems and pnd? sometimes i think theres something swollen there.