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Hey guys, i thought i should reply to this post, because i have all of these symptoms as well. my heart races when i stand, well, it gets very tachycardic when i stand. sometimes even just sitting, my heart rate goes up to 130 or higher. then when i stand you can imagine how fast it goes.

my problem though is from anorexia and bulimia. i've been anorexic and bulimic for five years now. my heart is damaged. i also have low bp when i stand, as it goes so low that i can't even get a blood pressure when i take it while i'm standing. i get very dizzy when i stand, plus i get really bad tightness in my chest, shortness of breath.. i have been on a holter moniter before...it showed PVCs and tachycardia, some other arrythmias.

in about a week and a half, i go back to the cardiologist to have a stress echo (this is the first time i've ever had one, out of the MANY cardiologist appointments i've been to.) and for another holter monitor.

i have been on toprol (had to stop because of my low blood pressure), Inderal, pindolol, florinef, cardizem, digoxin, ...some others that i can't remember at the moment.

my heart rate when i'm healthy is somewhere in the 80's. i've had prolonged tachycardia now ever since i've been out of the hospital...(back in february)
so...i just wanted to reply to let you guys know that you aren't alone...and that's it frustrating, tachycardia. it really makes me so physically sick sometimes... but, i will say some prayers for you guys. :)