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Hi, "Hypodude"! Thanks for the information. Travis (my son) has symptoms that have looked more adrenal all along. He is exhausted, not refreshed by sleep, thin, lacks appetite, has poor sleep patterns, dizzy, orthostatic hypotension, weak and intollerant of exercise. Lately he has been put on Florinef for having low aldosterone. This has helped a little bit, but most of his symptoms are still there. He had a lower cortisol score before his ATCH stim test (it was 5.5), but then stimmed up to 22, so the doctor thinks his cortisol production is O.K. I noticed his TSH had changed quite a bit since 2002, and was elevating, but then it was back down lower this last test. The highest was 1.927. Thought that maybe for HIM this was too high. My Mom and brother both are hypo, though, so this (plus some of the symptoms) was what led me to look at the thyroid. Thanks much; I think I do have some FREE T3 or T4 (don't think they did BOTH, as I'd asked for). Don't know why I don't have them on the list! I'll look for them, and let you know. ~ :wave: Tracy
Thanks to you both. We have pages and pages of labs, "Hypodude", but I jotted down four or five you mentioned which he has not yet had. The depression doesn't seem to fit. He has terrible trouble with exercise intollerance, and was an avid Tae Kwondo participant eager to continue last year. When he has tried to be active with friends, or play tennis for a few minutes with his visiting Grandpa (whom he is very close to), he could not do it. Gets to feeling as if he might pass out. He grapped his tennis racket and was up to TRY it, and eagerly chatted on the way to the courts, but couldn't go through with it for any more than a few minutes. On another occasion, his friends came overnight, and he was going to go around playing with squirt guns with them. He lasted about 30 min., and had to come in. I have wanted someone to take an interest in this, because it seems like a HUGE symptom! Also, his aldoesterone was low on three occasions. So the Florinef is being tried. I would like to suggest the stress exercise test next, as well. Hate to put him through it, but we need to find out what's happening to him when he exercises. I wonder if they could do it, and then right afterwards take a blood test for cortisol, too. That would show whether THAT were dropping out from beneath him when he expends it with exercise. Wouldn't it be neat if doctors would REALLY get on board and take an active interest in investigating and finding answers. But, like with many professions, I don't find many who are that "jazzed" about their work, or that desirous of helping people that they commit it to thought after hours and want to become almost detective-like to diagnose. Boy oh boy, isn't depression a "favorite" these days, though. They wanted to give him Zoloft to try to help his orthostatic hypotension (to tweek the chemicals in the brain); then another doctor handed out samples of Welbutrin as if it were no more than M&M's on another occasion. I know that it's real for some, though. It just seems as if they don't bat an eye at dismissing EVERYTHING as stress or depression after onlyl doing a very FEW labs to check for something physical. What they REALLY do is push a person TO depression by taking so dadburned long to find out what's ailing them that they begin to give up on ever attaining health or an active life-style again, and BECOME depressed (it's the chicken vs. the egg thing in another light). Thanks for all suggestions. I know they were all given in the spirit of wanting to support and help us. You never know what's been tried and what hasn't so never hurts to mention any and all possibilities! :)

Bye for now, :wave: Tracy