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My daughter has chronic fatigue syndrome. She takes florinef for dizziness associated with low blood pressure and a lot of other symptoms. The florinef helps her so much. Her life is much better. She used to dread waking up because she didn't know if she would have dizziness or chest pain or shortness of breath or ? She had every cardiology test. Her cardiologist thought she had anxiety disorder. (She is the most laid back person I know) The last test on the list was a tilt table (just like what it sounds, the patient is strapped in and the table is lifted head to foot like standing and then lowered and then repeated with medicine to speed the heart up like if she was exercising.Audrey passed out before they got her in the upright position. The cardiologist called it vasovagal syncope (sp?) Aud also has dif sleeping and wears out quickly, but she has learned to build a life around it so to say. She sleeps after her classes and studies part of the night and sleeps again when she gets drowsy. She doesn't have fms. She's had cfs since she was a little girl.