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My daughter has chronic fatigue syndrome and suffers from some of your symptoms. You might want to get more information on that. She was diagnosed by having a tilt table test, a cardiac test in which you are strapped to a table and then raised to an upright position and then brought down and your blood pressure, pulse, heartrate are tested. Then a solution is injected into your arm to increase you heart rate like when you are exercising and the test is repeated. My daughter passed out the first time the table was raised and her bp dropped to 54/30 something. She takes Florinef which dilates her blood vessels and helps circulate the blood better. She doesn't have dizziness or fainting spells any more or chest pains. All of her other cardiac tests were normal and the dr. wasn't real motivated to order the tilt table. I positive tilt table test is used to dx chronic fatigue syndrome. She has some problems with tiredness and gets her sleep in chunks. She doesn't take any other meds.

Hope this helps. I pray that you will find a good doctor who can diagnose you and you will receive the help you need asap.


I have fibromyalgia and sometimes feel that warbly feeling on the inside that does't show on the outside. I don't know what it is, but it goes away on its own.