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Thanks for all you replies, l have a few questions on what was said.

If l have had an MRI done and they cant see a tumor how do you find the tumor if its real small and the MRI cant pick it out?

My last doctor put me on synthroid, florinef and cortef, all these drugs made me feel alot worse. The cortef almost drove me crazy all my symptoms intesified by like 20 times on the cortef. The amount of cortef l took was so small my doctor said 99% of people wouldnt even know they took it. I guess l am the 1%, that would tell me that something isnt right with either my pituitary or my adrenal glands. But l am not sure where to go from here. What tests should l ask for, someone above said an IgF-1 test l think, what else?


My story is nothing like yours, it sounds like you have been through alot. About two years ago l started noticing l was always lightheaded. Oh ya about 6 years ago l went through hell for two years and had half of my thyroid removed because they found two nodules. I got better for 6 years and now l am back going through hell. Anyway l was always light headed and started having the problems l mentioned above. My symptoms started gradually getting worse, my endo took alot of blood for the Tyroid and found nothing so l asked him to take blood for my Adrenal Glands because of some of the reading l had done and the labs came back on the abnormal side. So he put me on Florinef and within a week l was going crazy, all my symptoms were getting worse so l got of the florinef and he put me on Synthroid and the same reaction happened so my endo then put me on Cortef and all hell broke loose, l though l was going to die l took 1/8th of a pill and within 2 hours l felt like l wanted to die. This lasted for about 2 months. I dont know what the medication did to me but this tells me that something isnt right with my endocrine system. The problem now is that mentally its taking a toll, l get this feelings of hoplesness and alot of other feelings l dont even know how to explain. Sometimes l get so lightheaded l think l will faint and then something chemically happens and l get so tired l have to go to sleep immediately and emotionally l dont know how to explain it. Anyway things are getting worse and now my emotional problems are a bigger problem than my physical problems. Sometimes life just isnt fun and its becoming less and less worth living.

Thats my story, l looked up my labs and found the following:
LH 5.9 (1.5-9.3)
Aldosterone 4 (4-31)
IGF-1 192 (109-485)

Also l have wondered about saliva testing have you heard anything as to if it works?