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I assume you mean me -
I take several meds (epilepsy, thyroid, etc) The ones I use to manage my NCMS: I take Lopressor, Mididrine and Florinef. Used to take NaCl, but it was terrible (I always puked) and it was getting impossible to obtain. Still have to keep salt intake up and liquids pushed. Florinef, lopressor and Midodrine are a pretty good combo for me.

Of course, regular doctors get all freaked out when they see lopressor (a beta blocker for HBP, but it also regulates heartrate for LBP folks) and Midodrine and Florinef together. They automatically think I am cross-treating for HBP and LBP. Most can't even spell NCS!! ;)

I still have some symptoms, but I am not passing out like clockwork all day long or getting that dizzy, stop the world I want to get off feeling all the time. I have a great electrocardio doc. Dumb luck I got him, but he happens to be a specialist in and is more intersted in NCMS than most. After all, I am only 38 (well, on the 10th) and fairly fit. And I don't bit** too much. {Yep, another "fall down go boom bruise"} Seems odd to be in the practices waiting room - all older folks with bad tickers and or HBP. They all asume I am with my father or something.

Just wondering - do you ever get symptoms when you are doing nothing? Like laying in bed, sitting watching tv, etc. It sure is annoying to me. Of course I can count on it happening (falling out) when I get up too fast or it is hot, etc... Hot showers do the same thing. You?
THanks for sharing your meds! I have NCS...neurocardiogenic syncope diagnosed by tilt table...just got it after a minor surgery (I am 40 and have had it 1 year only). I am seeing an EP tomorrow as I am on no meds (just meds for hypothyroid) so I plan to ask about midodrine and florinef. I faint about 1/month out of the blue during my midcycle (ovulation). My last faint lasted 5 days...never lost consciousness just sick..nausea and weak. I faint in morn and evening with fatigue. I seem to faint sometimes with exercise but other times I can spin/swim anything...doesn't make sense but the fear of the faint has restricted my life.