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First off, thank all of you for responding so quickly. I feel much better about this test now. I'll still ask to be sedated b/c I have a chronic back problem, which will make laying flat very uncomfortable. At least I'm not as afraid of the procedure itself now!

CoyoteBound....Looks like our angiograms are back to back. Mine is Jan 3rd. I hope yours goes well and they're able to clear the blockage in your leg. Will this test show if I have blockage anywhere in my body, or does it mainly show the coronary arteries? Good luck to you on the 4th.

Lenin....Thank you for the advice about the proxy. My dr knows my feelings on this, but I'll make sure it's in writing. No, I didn't have all the heart test just b/c of iratic blood pressure. I have constant dizziness, vertigo, stomach pain, aching in sternum, nausea, and irratic bp. My blood pools in my legs. I can't stand in one spot for more than 2 minutes w/out almost passing out. They put me on a Florinef (steroid) to help that. It does keep my bp from bottoming out, but it also shoots bp up too high. All the dr's say this is complex b/c of having both high and low bp. Six cardio dr's later, I'm still searching for the right treatment. For now, I'm on 100mg of Metoprolol and I'm somewhat better....other than it makes me extremely tired.

Kenkeith....thanks for the input about the heart ct being a good test for detecting blockage. This dr I have now is a cardiac electrophysiologist. I've worn a heart monitor for one month.He says my heartbeat is in a normal rhythm, just too fast. So far he doesn't know what is causing all these symptoms. He's just doing the angiogram next week b/c the heart ct showed a lesion in one artery and calcification in a few others. He doesn't believe this would be causing my symptoms, but it still needs to be checked out.

Thanks again....Jean