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I hope you are well.
I have been doing pretty well up until the last two weeks or so. I am currently on .75mcg of Synthriod along with 5mcg of cytomel 30mg of cortef, .1 of Florinef, 5 mg of Dostinex and 10 of Lexapro.

I take 1/2 of .75 of Synthroid on weekends. For the last three weeks I have noticed my hair is falling out really bad, and it takes me until Wed to be untired again. The feeling of being run over by a truck is a good comparison, or the need to sleep sitting up.

I had a doctors appt on Wed, and they redid my labs. Here they are.
Free T4 1.0 Range .8-1.8
TSH .81 Range .40-5.50
Free T3 250 Ramge 230-420

I may not know what to look for but these don't look all that bad do they??? So why do I feel like this, and why is my hair falling out??????????
Got my hair cut Saturday, and when the lady would pull a layer to cut it half would come out. Just in case you don't remember, I have had 1/2 of my thyroid removed in July due to follicular cells.
I don't know what else to ask the doctor to do. I am waiting for her to call me.