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I did not have the saliva test. I had one where they admit you and they bring your glucose down to 30 and watch what happens to the cortisol. I believe it is called the Insulin Tolerance Test. It usually takes blood sugar around 30 minutes to drop. Mine took 10 and they had to get my doctor on the phone to find out what she wanted them to do next. Needless to say I failed famously, and have been on cortef and florinef every since, and I am fine now.
I think all of you are right about coming down too fast. Even at the gym this week, stuff that has been easy for me has taken more effort, and I go six days a week. I am much better today only had slight dizziness in the pm, but am craving salt, chocolate, and am very thirsty. I have been proceding with caution. My sugar levels have stayed in the low 80's and 90's today which has been better than 60 and 70, and I want to say that I read somewhere where cortef will elevate blood sugar, which my decrease may explain why my sugar has dropped. My doctor says it should not be doing that.
Oh well. Hopefully this will pass.

Thank all of you for your input.