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Hope you are well. I am still doing great. 29 pounds off today. One year anniversary today of partial thryoidectomy. Catscan clear.
here are the numbers
TSH 1.25 No range given
Free T4 1.0 Range .8-1.8
Free T# 304 Rnage 230-430
Sodium 142 Range 135-146
Potassium 3.8 Range 3.5- 5.3
Calcium 9.0 Range 8.6-10.2
Testosterone 34 Range 20-76
DHEA<15 Out of Range 40-325
FSH 2.6 LH 4.3
Progesterone 5.1
Another DHEa 138 ange 130-980
Cortisol 10 with a cortef 2 hours before which was an improvement over last time Range 5-21

They are leaving my Synthroid at 75 mcg with one 5 mg cytomel Cortef at 30 mg Florinef at .1 with an attempt to cut it in half for two weeks to see what will happen. Upping the Aldoctone which is a Testoerone supressant, and other than that I think I came out great.

Hope both of you are well.
I am scared to mess with the Florinef when I have been doing so well.
If it is not broken why mess with it.

What do you think?