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Do you take Florinef?
I did a post on the addison's board. I had to go from brand to generic and I am majorly feeling it.
Keep me in your prayers it passes. My root canal is Friday. I may have to postpone.

Hi KM,

No, I don't but probably should be on it. I pulled out some labs after learning about Florinef from another board and my Aldosterone was in the gutter, below the bottom of the range. At the time I was using a very very expensive medical institute trying to get to the bottom of why I wasn't improving on my armour. They said nothing about me possibly needing to be on Florinef. They diagnosed the AF which I am grateful for but horribly undertreated me for 18 months, never letting me increase my HC above 10mgs, so needless to say I fired them.

I'm so sorry you have hit a bump in the road. I've had my share of bumps since May and it all started with my absessed tooth and following root canal. I don't know if it was the actual infection that hit my adrenals so hard or the root canal procedure itself or just the combination of both. I've been tweaking my HC and armour since trying to get back on track and really have just started feeling better within the past few days.

If you don't feel you're adrenals can handle the root canal I think I would seriously consider postponing it if possible. I would hate to see you have a major setback like I did, takes soooo long to pull back up.

Keep me posted on how you are doing.

See my post on addison's board.

No longer going to make brand name florinef.

I am better today. I think I am going to have root canal before I get an infection. It threw me hard in December with abcess. endodonist did not hurt at all last time. It was pain from having my face swell. Maybe I can head it off at pass