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You know POTS does suck because there really is no straight forward treatment. I have had 2 ablations to my SA node and now my heart rate doesn't ever get much higher than 140 bpm during my "episodes". Which is a blessing because during my pregnancy my heart rate never went below 100 (and that was while I was sleeping). I would also have periods of 150 bpm for hours on end. I have treated it with midodrine and florinef both of which had more side effects than benefits in my book, so I no longer take either of them. Right now I am maintained on 50 mg of metoprolol a day. I've learned to control my symptoms by watching what I am doing. My heart does not like the heat and so I try not to spend too much time in it. If I don't drink fluids consistently through the day I can feel my heart rate getting faster. Other things that affect me are: eating large meals quickly, sinus infections, colds and my menstrual period. Good luck with everything.

P.S. - Don't have the tilt table test it is not much fun when it is positive;)