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Happy Thanksgiving you guys.
Sorry I have not posted in a while. I am mostly good. Went to the doctor Tuesday for a checkup. Cat Scan clear yeah!!! 1 year this week......
Levels a little low for T3. Sorry I forgot to get a copy fo them. All I remember was TSH was 1.1 and the T4 was I think 242 which is like 8 points from the bottom. T3 was increased to three cytomels a day instead of 2. I take one in the morning, two at lunch. I had some chest pain today and became dizzy in the pm, so I am going to cut back to a half I think and see if that helps. Any input????????????
I am so depressed. I went to the dentist. Since my August root canal, I now have 5 cavities and another one that is danger of absess!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like i am going to lose my teeth. Dentist told me that they are teeth and they will remian in there and she will fix them not to worry, but I never had cavities until this. She says it is my medicine drying out the mouth. I take the cortef, florinef, dostinex, lexapro, cytomel and the aldoctone along with the synthroid everyday...............
I don't know what else to do. I am so depressed..... 4000.00 later.
I guess I should just get over it. Last year at this time I could not walk.
The root canals just take the adrenals over the top. This will be my fourth one in a year..................

I hope both of you are well. Other than the teeth, I am great.