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I have this too--for me, it is a part of my diagnosis of Dysautonomia, which includes Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome as well as Neurally Mediated Hypotension. I also failed the tilt table test, passing out after about 20 minutes. I was never told I wouldn't be allowed to continue to drive, and though I have seen many, many doctors over the years, none of them has ever tried to pull my license, even when I complained about nearly passing out while driving (though luckily this only happened one time.) I have now stopped myself from driving, and can manage only short distances.

Why you have NMH could depend on a few different things. For me, it is because of my extremely rapid heart rate upon standing. The pulse goes way up, the pressure drops way down. For you, however, it sounds like it must be a different situation since you don't mention also being diagnosed with POTs, which means you must not have the really rapid heart rate like I do.

I know that certain at-home treatments work at least a little bit, such as water loading and adding tons of salt to your diet. For me, I've had to take beta blockers to lower my HR, which in turn has raised my BP. I know it sounds weird for a beta blocker to RAISE one's BP, but because of my situation, they did. Problem is, after 4 years of beta blockers, I now not only have LOW blood pressure, but also huge bouts of scarily HIGH blood pressure (around 175/117 at times, with chest tightening and arm pressure that feels like I'm a heart attack waiting to happen.) Pretty odd for a girl who was diagnosed 4 years ago with a LOW blood pressure condition!

At this point, my autonomic nervous system is completely up, down, and all over the place. In your case, though, try the salt and water loading, and try out some of the meds I'm sure your doctors will suggest, such as florinef and midodrine. Both raise pressure. Don't worry about the driving unless they start to threaten to pull your license, but certainly don't engander yourself if you can see it's going to be a problem for you to drive.