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Hi MG. Yes, I've thought my FT4 seems low, too. It was 0.6 ng/dL (range of 0.6 - 1.6). The TSH was 0.16 uIU/mL (range 0.30 - 5.00) and FT3 was 3.33 pg/mL (range 2.30 - 4.20). My new doc (Dr. C) wants to get the ratio of FT3 and FT4 more in balance, but my family doc doesn't even bat an eyelash about the FT4 being low. He said that all that matters is that the FT3 is high enough because that is what is providing the energy. With my Reverse T3 being elevated, I guess it means that some of the FT3 is actually unusable because it's converted into Reverse T3 (someone please correct me if I'm wrong here as I'm still not 100% clear on the whole concept of Reverse T3). Dr. C wants to look at my Reverse T3 levels again, but my family doctor wouldn't even give any credit to this test...he said it's old and useless. I really wanted to be able to get the family doctor in tune with Dr. C, but I don't think this will happen.

When Dr. C switched me from Levoxyl to Armour, I was also supposed to start the Adreset for adrenal support, but I didn't. For the first 3 weeks being on Armour, I felt like crap, so I decided to try the Adreset. Once I started the Adreset, I was still symptomatic, but better than I was the first three weeks.

GCC,what is the Cortef for? I've been reading posts on a Yahoo user's group and these people are using HC (hydrocortisone) creams and changing doses of florinef (I think) based on fluctuations in their temps and to "stress dose". It all sounds too confusing to me, having to take something 4 or 5 times/day at specified times. Did you have to do this with your Cortef? Is your doctor an endo?

Thanks to everyone! Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing weekend.