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Oh wow...
Well, you can buy sodium chloride tablets in the 1 gram size and use those to get the sodium that you need. It is better to get the plain NaCl tablets rather than those buffered with potassium as often potassium is something those with adrenal issues are not wanting more of. I suggest you do that - it will help. I take them with my florinef (plus extra) daily and they really don't have much taste. Just swallow them like a pill instead of dissolving them in water (YUCK!).

I find his adrenal scan comment... funny. Only because before I had mine removed, my MRIs and CTs showed that my adrenals were normal and when they came out, they were some mighty big adrenals - so yes, the scans were inaccurate - but that should not mean that you should not try!!! BTW, post op, they still say my adrenals are normal.

How much hydrocortisone are you taking and how are you taking it? Just a thought because messing that up can give you Cushing's and that makes you feel like crud as well.... I take 22.5mg in three divided doses to replace me on a regular basis and I have no adrenals. I have heard adults take from 15-30 but more than that may put you in cushie-land. Depression and high BP are big symptoms of that... makes me suspicious.