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I am continuing my tapering journey off Florinef. (week 2 three more to go)
So far, I am overcoming some of the bumps in the road. The moodiness is gone, One of my ankles is in the process of unswelling, other than a little lightheaded, I am pretty good.
Dr. said I have to come off due to the extreme swelling in my ankles and legs, and it was not being caused from my second round of Kidney stones.

I have a question about what going off the florinef might do to the thyroid medication. Florinef is a steriod that I take along with Cortef for adrenal insuffiency.I am very sleepy early in the afternoon. Could fall asleep sitting up and then when it is time to go to bed, can't sleep.
Do you think that has messed with it. I am thinking Dr may not do anything until I am completely off. Just wondering.:confused: