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I am a 31 year old female with addisons disease ( I also take florinef and cortef) as well as an ongoing fight with regulating my thyroid (I have no thyroid, I had a goiter and had it removed with radioactive iodine)

At one point I was on synthroid and HATED IT! I pretty much forced my doctor to put me on Armour and almost instantly I felt more energy,lost the excess weight I was carrying and was less *itchy and felt like myself for the first time in 3 years.

Today I am at a good place with how I FEEL yet after I had such a great visit with my doctor....telling me how great I looked,my heart rate was great,blood pressure perfect he then reviewed the blood work and told me that I had to lower my armour!!!

I use this example as what I feel like is happening. Lets say you suffer from migraines,BUT the way they test if you are suffering is with a blood test.....so here you are with a raging migraine and the blood tests say you don't have one! So, then you live with a untreated migraine for the rest of your life based on a blood test! That is how I feel I am being diagnosed.......I know my body and I feel good where I am,and it makes me anxious to even think of reducing my meds since I feel the best I have in years. Currently I take a total of 180 mg of Armour or 3 grains (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). I have been on armour is a smaller dose for over 3 years but have been on this dose for about 7 months. I have NO symptoms of overdosing at all and here are my results from my last test which was in Jan. and soon to follow getting those results he told me he wanted me to cut that in half.......someone PLEASE tell me what I can do.......are my tests out of wack?

tsh 0.012
riiodothyronine free-.4

Thank you -
[QUOTE=mkgbrook;3533149]The labs look off. Did you make a typo? We need lab ranges and lab values to tell you where you are in the normal range and if you are close to optimal.

The TSH is nothing to be worried about because you are on a T3 supplement regime. The T4 looks low. I am not even going to speculate on the Ft3. Normal range is 230 - 4 20. But some labs use 2.3-4.2. If you are 0.4.. you are seriously in need of further testing and a LOT of T3 if you are at 4.. you are pushing hyperT and need to cut back on the Armour and add T4 supplementation to get your Ft3 and Ft4 levels in line. Without your ranges and a clear posting of your numbers we can not help you.

MG- New blood work....any thoughts

Today, due to my recent tests I have started to increase my hydrocortisone from 20 mg in the am since I was about 16. Now 31 and started taking 20 mg in the am and 10 mg in the afternoon for about a week. After talking to her about severe stress I am under she has now instructed me to take 60 mg a day(3 times a day) for 3 days and then to call her on Monday. Although in reference to my thyroid (I had it radioactivly removed and was hyper then hypo after the removal) I have had amazing results with Armour thyroid has given me a 30 day supply until she figures out my addisons disease meds...i.e. Florinef and Cortef after that she says she wants to put me on what I call "the devils drug"synthroid so I won't be seeing her much longer but I wanted someone other than the dumb doctors out there to take a look at my blood work since all I seemed to get was a pat on the head and an up in my hydro.....any thoughts?


GLUCOSE 92 60-99 MG/DL
SODIUM 141 133-145 MEQ/L
POTASSIUM 3.8 3.5-5.3 MEQ/L
CHLORIDE 106 98-108 MEQ/L
CO2 23 23-32 MEQ/L
BUN 8 7-23 MG/DL
CREATININE 0.6 0.5-1.2 MG/DL
ALBUMIN 4.0 3.5-5.5 GM/DL
CALCIUM 9.3 8.5-10.3 MG/DL
SGOT 22 0-41 IU/L
SGPT 16 0-54 IU/L

Component Your Value Standard Range
Cortisol Reference Ranges:
AM sample (7-9 AM) 8.7 - 22.4 UG/DL
P.S. this was not an am/pm test!! It was taken at 11 am.....how can they do an am/pm test? I've heard of people being in the hospital all day getting blood tested to get the exact levels?
PM sample (4-6 PM) 2.0 - 9.9 UG/DL

TSH <0.004 0.350-5.500 uU/ML

FREE T4 1.08 0.71-1.81 NG/DL

T3 TOTAL 2.32 0.67-1.99 NG/ML

VIT D, 25-HYDROXY 46 32-100 NG/ML

Notes recorded by Romy J Block on 05/14/2008 at 4:02 PM
Vitamin D levels are normal
TSH/total t3 is still slightly high on Armour thyroid - we will make no changes at present and discuss more at the next visit.

cortisol is low with increased ACTH c/w her Addison's.

Her labs are not c/w celiac disease or premature menopause.

Please let the patient know.
Is she feeling better on the increased hydrocortisone