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Hmmm, the nasal spray may very well affect your test results. I know if taking any adrenal support and wanting to retest you are supposed to be off of it for two weeks prior to testing. Not sure a month would be necessary. Could you possibly get by without it for two weeks?

I was tested with a 24 hr urine but other forums I frequent say the 24 hr saliva is the best. I've never had one but it would be good to get an ACTH test done as well. That can help determine if you problem is Cushings, Addisons or possibly Hypotituitarism. It would be good to have your Aldosterone and Renin tested as well. Both of those are hormones that are tied in with the adrenals and if low can be treated with Florinef.

I have not worked in four years due to my AF. I'm so much better than I was as I was bedridden at times the fatigue and weakness was so overwhelming. I'm kind of doing a little part time work now that is only about three hrs a day about three days a week and I'm holding up to that for now but I really don't think I will ever be able to work full time again. I went a long time undiagnosed and untreated working a very physical job and I think I've done permanent damage.

Do definitely push for the Free T3 test as the T3 is useless. Most docs automatically run the T3 and if you don't specifically request it the labs won't run it.

I know it's scary but just hang in there and research, research, research. I can tell you from experience, when it comes to AF, you almost have to be your own doctor as the majority of docs don't understand it.