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It has been an experience on my end. I went off of Florinef a few months ago for adrenals which caused heart rate to go up when standing, and balance to go haywire, so your gracefulness fell down a stair in garage hit wall and car and heirline fractured the foot.... 2 months later I am well, but got a stomach virus, followed by bronchitus 2 months ago and got so tired it was an effort to move, to function to think.......... Sure it was the thyroid........WRONG MONO........ ............ I was sworn to go on bedrest with two kids haahahaha......... Went back tuesday, liver is fine, some awful marker I ad relating to acute is coming down, but the other numbers are only slightly improved. I was feeling better the day they took blood. Rest of week not so hot. Discouraged that all of the resting has not helped much. You should see the size of the golf ball lymph nodes near the thyord and shoulder bones. Scared my endo to death, they did an emergancy catscan that day and did it stat to discover thank goodness it was glands.
I did not think it would be possible to be this tired again once they straightened me out. My thyroid looks great TSH 1.4 FT3 I think was 326 which was midrange. Cant remember the T4 but I think it as pretty middle as well. I can't imagine where I got this. No one I know has even been sick.
I am just ready to get well. They said if I am not better next week I may have to see an infectious disease doctor. I am really not sure they can do anything for it, even my endo said that.
I am just ready for this to clear up.

Hope all is well with you.