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The only medication I know that raises blood pressure is florinef. They could at least try you on that - is there any reason why that is not tried? How is your aldosterone and renin?

I understand the *boat* you are in. You have a low test where the real test/diagnosis is a result when it is high. I have them too - and so the docs do not have a clue.

Have you tried a cardiologist - for POTS management... just a thought.
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can't find any specialist willing to spend an extra minute trying to think of a solution for a difficult case. Yes, I did see a cardiologist, repeatedly. I had a TTT done and it was positive, yet he dismisses me as a cardiology patient. He checked my heart, which is structurally sound, and then wished me a nice life.

I tried both Florinef and Midodrine. Florinef had only a minimal effect and bloated me up like a balloon. And Midodrine I couldn't tolerate (I can't tolerate most medicine, which in itself is related to the hormonal deficiencies and autonomic problem ... deadly catch-22.)

Is there no way to tackle this hormonally, through some sort of replacement therapy?
How is your pulse - high or low?
Ah with florinef (curse the flornef fluffies!), those with adrenal issues like me, take it with salt tablets. That keeps the puff down but you can only do that if your pulse is wack a doodle high... mine is super high so I take salt tablets all the time. That is a simple thing... but not sure how it will work in your case - since the kidneys regulate salt...
How is your sodium and potassium readings?
I would try another cardio guy - that is awful but um - yeah, I am on the medical mystery tour and have been booted many a time.