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I'm a 35 year old female that's been diagnosed with vasovagel syncope, low blood pressure, tachycardia, angina, and a heart murmur. The problem that bothers me most is the syncope. I'm chronically passing out unconscious and it has become so frequent that i consider it dangerous. It has made me scared to leave my home. I've been doing it since i was 5 years old, but with age it has gotten terribly worse. I see a cardiologist who's been prescribing me midodrine and florinef, but it doesn't work for me. I truely think my doctor is clueless as to what to do for me. Anyone else out there have any suggestions?
What dose of midodrine are you on?
My doctor wrote too modest of a dose out for my prescription. At the dosage on the bottle, it does nothing. I do have his ok to take more. If this is what you need to do, please discuss it with your doctor.

I haven't been put on florinef, so of course my low blood pressure isn't getting any better. I can't really give much advice on that particular drug. Some people are helped by beta blockers as they calm down the nervous system as well as heart rate, but again the side effect can be lower blood pressure.

Have you thought of looking for a dysautonomia/autonomic nervous system specialist? Through searching online you should be able to find some doctor lists. You could also try calling neurologist within traveling distance and asking if they have experience in this area. You sound like you may be a complicated case, and you need your life back.
Has anyone checked your hormone levels? Including adrenals? Maybe something is going on there since it seems to be getting worse with age.

Also, go to the Rare Disorders section. Search "neurocardiogenic syncope". There's an old 30+ page thread on it with a lot of good information. There's also bits of information in various other sections such as the Brain and Nervous system section - look for syncope and dysautonomia there.
It doesn't work so simply in us. I assume, since she's on midodrine as well, that one of her problems is blood vessels that do not properly constrict when they should.

No amount of water, or even stress, will increase blood pressure when your nervous system is telling your blood vessels to dilate. The florinef gets prescribed in hope that increasing blood volume will help some, and also because like people with Addisons - some have kidneys that don't hang onto all the salt we are eating.