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It is called vasovagal presyncope that was found on the positive tilt-table test. What dose of Midodrine are you on? I am on 5 mg three times a day as needed. I have tried high salt diet, lots of fluids and do wear the Jobst stockings but it isn't working but just a little. I was first put on fludrocortisone (Florinef) twice a day 0.1 mg, it helped a little at first but then stopped working. Since I didn't get these symptoms until right after delivery of my daughter 22 years ago I am wondering if they are vestibular migraines related to pregnancy hormone changes, etc. I could ride elevators when I was pregnant but since delivery I cannot ride elevators at all, feel like passing out and get real dizzy and off balance. The reason I think it is vestibular migraines also is because a couple of days ago I had to lay in bed for a day and a half because was very dizzy, room would spin if I moved just a little bit, could not lay flat on my back or on my side (either way). I had to lay on my stomach and focus at the TV. If I got up I was very weak and very lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out. If my symptoms were from low blood pressure that time it should have gone away when I laid down. That is why I think I have both low blood pressure and vestibular migraines.