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I just read your post and thought I would let you know about my experience.
I also have Hashimotos, was diagnosed last year. I haven't really felt great since starting Levothyroxine last October. Even though my labs looked pretty good I felt like something wasn't quite right. I was experiencing terrible itching/burning feeling on my skin. I also was still dealing with brain fog and exhaustion. Not to mention having to go to the bathroom every half hour. I finally went to an endo. 2 months ago and she ran a bunch of adrenal tests on me. After 2 LONG months of waiting for tests results, I was diagnosed with Addisons a couple days ago. Even though I have on been on HC and Florinef for such a short time, my symptoms are already lessening. I am not saying that you have Addisons but you might have an underlying adrenal problem. I hope that you get the help you need.