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Florinef can be of great help in this situation, it causes the body to retain salt and fluid, thus helping to increase the BP to normal.

Other options are taking a Sudafed 12 Hour every morning, increasing salt in the diet, and wearing compression stockings
My doctor hasn't wanted to try florinef, yet. Maybe because I'm chronically hypokalemic?

I've tried up to 5gs of salt a day - it's hard to do and doesn't help me hold onto the fluids, only lose potassium that much faster.

I do wear hose because of some blood pooling issues in my legs. I'm not touching Sudafed since I have tachycardia.

Again, mine is nervous system related, as many others can be, so the typical things that would normally correct the problem only go so far. Even if I could correct the volume issue, I'd still have the nervous system problem that allows my blood pressure to fall (and me to lose consciousness). I honestly believe this is a lot more common then people think it is and people giving advice here should always consider it and related disorders as a possibility when the person is two things - 1) female and 2) within childbearing age.

Along with it comes weird reactions to things that usually do not bother healthy people, including medications. So it can be a bit dangerous to suggest some meds such as Sudafed.
Hydergine might be worth a try, very few side effects, no tolorance develops, and it seems to be quite effective.

Re a potasium suplement, I think in the US you can only get 99mg tablets, so you would need perhaps 10 a day, or, ask your doctor for a prescription for effervessant potasium tablets

Perhaps taking potasium tablets AND salt tablets would help, say after breakfast and dinner (they might irritate the stomach if it is empty)

Wearing compression stockings can help venous return and thus help improve blood preasure by stopping pooling of blood in the legs.

If this is realy effecting your life, push your doctor for Florinef (aask him for say a 1 month trial of it, and see if it helps).... and continue your potassium and salt supplements

I am almost identical to you (nervous system related, neurocardiogenic syncope, sensitive vasal vagal, etc.). My blood pressure has always been low (95/60) but dropped even lower about two years ago when I became very sick (now we know I have Sjogrens Syndrome from mold poisoning). My blood pressure has been around 80/45 sometimes dropping much further. I have been to the cardiac icu a few times. That being said, I am on Florinef now (for about 7 months) and my blood pressure is a beautiful 120/70. Before that I tried everything mentioned here with no luck (well, maybe the midodrine a teensy bit but barely noticeable). I really encourage you to try the Florinef. I react to anything and everything I put in my system and I have had no noticeable side effects from the Florinef.
I would like to try florinef, honestly... but my doctor is too hesitant with medication. I really need to pressure he and his office into rescheduling a holter monitor for me. I was supposed to have one in Sept. but due to a disorganized office I kept getting skipped and was apparently supposed to wait several hours for something that would have taken 5 minutes. :rolleyes: I canceled it and left because I had other places to be.
If it's ever decided that my heart rate (it's too high when I'm standing up) needs to be controlled I will need more than midodrine to help with blood pressure.

I also need a new blood pressure monitor. The other one gave up from too much use. lol This forum, and elsewhere, has provided me with a bit of info on which brands are good. :)
Without one, though, I can tell I've probably been in the 70s/40s and 80s/40s the last couple of days.
Ask your doctor about the Hydergine..... if he isnt willing to help, seek a second opinion

Depending on your reaction to the drugs, you may need to use Hydergine and Florinef.