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Hey Gang I was wondering if anyone has any experience with taking
Wellbutrin XL while geting clean,etc....I thought this may be a good med
for me to try so I just started today on Wellbutrin XL 300 once a day...or
for that matter any experiences anyone would like to share in regards to
other ADs - such as the SSRIs ( fluoxetine,zoloft,paxil,etc.... )....I have
never taken an AD before but thought this might come in handy during
my recovery...Best Wishes to All...

BC and Lynn you posted/responded and gave so much of what I need now...
there are no words to express the gratitude and genuine respect I have for
you both...I have debated over the last hour to post the following or not-if
it proves to be a mistake and the little respect you two might have gained
for me and thus lost after reading this then I shall have made a mistake..but
in any case I will post it out of honesty and a sincere plea for help (something
I know I have no right to ask of you for I feel I have given nothing in return ).....Lynn your post insightful as usual and gave me the advice I
need to begin to heal..I will try to explain - I started on Wellbutrin XL 300
with a call to one of my colleagues explaining I was probably just feeling
alittle down after the surgery with being off work,etc so she dropped off
a ton of samples for me so as to your question I do not have a Psych or PCP
monitoring the dosage,effectiveness - however I do realize after your post
that was wrong of me so I am waiting for my friend to come by tonight
and she said she will give me the name of her Psychiatrist to set up an appt...
I have also considered as you mentioned I could probably use a boost of a
true SSRI now in addition such as fluoxetine ( however I am going to wait
on that to talk to the Psych )...Alittle more about myself but first I want to
thank you Lynn for talking to me about your gay friend in OH -it helped me...
I actually received me undergraduate degree in OH before moving out of state
for my next degree..as for me I had my first g/f when I was 15 and never
looked back even though a lot of men have asked me out I have never even
been on a date with a guy...When you spoke of the morning being the worst
for you in your depths of depression...it seems all day is a struggle for me
but the night brings it to full force..lately I have wondered perhaps why that
is..a few thoughts maybe you see my mother was a paranoid schitzophrenic
and I remember it to this day..hearing my door open late at night and waking
up at 9 yrs. old with her trying to stab me calling me the devil,etc...I also
remember crying everytime they took her away and watching in the hospital
as she jerked off the treatment tables with the ECT treatments they gave
her ( treatments were a lot different back then )...My dad well he was an
functioning alcoholic ( never missed a day of work/went to mass every a.m
before work ) but I also remember him kicking me with steel toe shoes because he caught me kissing my g/f when I was 15 and said I was going
to hell...but after he got cancer and begun to die I realized not only was he
my father but my best friend..I guess I just felt like I always let him down
because of his deep catholic faith...Today seems especially to be a hard
day for me -darker than ever before...I am struggling Lynn and BC..BC I
know you read that initial post and I never tried that drug before and I find
myself really , really struggling not to call a friend I know that snorts it - I
am just feeling BC that maybe if I tried it recreationally at least right now
it might get me out of this torture , horror ,despair ,darkness I am in right
now...I have come this far in talking I figure you both cant lose anymore
respect for me than you have already...but I just smoked a cigarette and
am giving myself sometime to try and take some hydrocodone instead of
some morphine another colleague gave me ( for pain of course - yeah
right..time to get real at least on my part ..)....I am just really struggling
guys but as always I wish you the best and contrary to how this post may
read I am trying...guys I am just trying to get by - do you know what I
mean ???

Peace...Hugs to All...Best Wishes to Everyone on Their Recovery...