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Hiya SARA....I missed ya gal !...I hope tonight finds you doing well and at
peace with yourself....Hey stop beating yourself up about getting the rx
filled and taking some ambien...remember it is a bumpy road to sobriety..
however a road well worth the travel , pain ,relapses...it is all part of it...
I have always been honest with all of you and I am truly struggling right
now myself...I did have a couple of beers tonight ( feeling kinda ashamed
as it had been over a yr since I last drank )...and I havent taken my Wellbutrin for the last 2 days...altho my ex did get the fluoxetine rx filled
for me...I have not yet taken it...In addition, I never made it to my first
NA meeting...Sort of in a dark place right now...trying to climb my way out..
dust myself off and make it someday back to happiness and a life of
sobriety...Take care my friend and as always...keep trying Sara...you
will make it with no more meds and a wondrous life of sobriety does await
you my friend....

Hiya Gang....How is everyone this early afternoon ??...Thank you ALL so
very much in thinking of me and posting to me all your wonderful , thoughtful,
empathetic , insightful words of encouragement and wisdom...as I have said
before you ALL are simply the best !!!!...I sincerely appreciate all of your
friendship and will always be exremely full of gratitude for the rest of my
life to have met you all here...A special thanks to Phil ( my virtual secret
boyfriend...hee..hee ) ,Shak ,Sara ,GG65 ,Lynn , Best (Alice ) , and BC...I
hope I didnt leave anyone out but I slept in rather late this a.m....hmm
maybe it was those 6 bottles of bud last night..However I am currently
on my first cup of my fav..kona coffee with cream and I fear I may need
a few extra cups today as I have quite a headache from the beer last
night..oh well maybe I will learn a lesson from that last night..as I hope
so because there are still 6 bottles left in the refrigerator..However ,I am
happy to report that at least for today so far I am back on track with
my detox contract and so far today..I have had no hydros , down to 18
mg valium /today and Lynn after reading your post to me and what your
twin posted ( Alice )...I DID take my Wellbutrin XL 300 mg and I took
my first capsule of fluoxetine 40 mg along with the Wellbutrin - just as
my doctor ordered me to take this week...Thank you Lynn and Alice
and also the rest of you in encouraging me to take the antidepressants
as my depression is very severe right now...BC...I am so very happy to have
heard from you...How is BC doing lately ?....Eventho I have not posted
the last few days...I want you to know BC you and your family have
been in my prayers daily as well as nightly...Please let me know if there
is any support/help I can be of you BC as you go through this very difficult
time with your father ,sister and family...I care about ya !!!...Heck - I care
about ALL of you here on this board more than you will ever realize..Thanks
again everyone and I hope to hear from all of you soon...

Peace...Recovery to ALL...Love..Chris