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Top of the morning to you gang !....Hope this day finds everyone doing
well....Thanks Ken and Lynn for the " reality check " !....Lynn just so ya
know I just slugged back my morning cocktail of Wellbutrin and Fluoxetine !...
day 2 for me on these little buggers..I guess for some reason I was letting
my ignorance or maybe " pride " get in the way in admitting I am truly
battling depression...for it appears to be quite a cunning ,baffling disease
( at least in my case ).....In Addition, growing up with a " mom " that was
clinically diagnosed as paranoid schitzophrenic even before I was born has
certainly " made me look over my shoulder and pray to God I never end
up with a mental illness as severe as hers..."...hmm possibly I have some
unresolved issues from childhood ???....in anycase I do plan on exploring
this with my therapist...By the way ,my therapist has now recommended
I see a Psychiatrist in conjunction with her therapy instead of having my
primary care doctor rx the antidpressants...Oh My...trust me this will be
my first appt. with my " own physchiatrist " but I have extensive experience
dealing with them in respects the physchiatric treatment of my mom before
she died...I guess I am realizing now...maybe I was the " mother " and never
really had a mom growing up..Oh well , hey noone has a perfect childhood
and truly both my parents loved me greatly and did the best job they
could...I wasnt exactly the easiest child to raise..quite stubborn , independent , and a taurus...but extremely loyal and still cry to this day and
would give anything to have them back if even just for one day..sniff..sniff..
As for me , I am physically feeling much better - no hangover today!!!..still
no hydros , 16 mg valium/today and my " AD Cocktail " /today -NO OTHER
DRUGS OR BEER-...Yeah for Chris...As for initial query as to cross addiction..
Alittle bit of background- I have had a professional only relationship with
a colleague of mine working on joint research projects /publications together..
altho my role was merely limited to being a " consultant " so to speak..
However , she called the other day and heard my ex and I split up and
invited me to her condo on the gulf for a weekend of fun ,sun ,sailing and
???...Altho she currently lives about an hr from me , she spends the summer
months at her condo on the gulf...She is quite intelligent ,witty , and is
a very caring woman...and I might add quite beautiful...Oh my - I have
not dated anyone for 8 yrs and remember my ex and I are still living together
until I can drive and work again being 9 more weeks of " sheer torture "...
I was just wondering if I do go visit my friend at her condo for the weekend
I was pondering the idea of having a few Heinekins and hitting a club or
two with her for some way kewl dancing...Well time for another cup of kona
...however this time I definately need to add more cream !!!...Lynn I will
post soon about your situation and the Sub...I like your thinking on it and
have some thoughts on this matter myself...Hope to hear from everyone
soon...Love ya guys!!!