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Hey Fisher...I am so very glad you posted/replied as YOU are one on the
many,many people I missed the most during "..my absence from the boards-
due to my extreme depression I am currently experiencing and all the
tremendous amount of turmoil,paperwork,emotional,verbal abuse my ex
continues to inflict upon me,my life right now...why wont she just LEAVE
me alone???...I have been forgiving,empathetic,set her up with a savings/
checking acct. and bought her a used car to get her back on her feet financially,etc...as thoughout our relationship she never worked outside
the home ( ..and I never asked her too )...She was the one to blind side
me post-op with breaking up with me and since I have found out she had
been cheating on me a long time...well I ever be able to "trust another " in
a future relationship...???? So many questions,yet so few answers I have..
Thank you very much for your info on the ADs you took,what worked,etc...
it was VERY informative and helpful...I beleive you were speaking about
Celexa...I have been thinking of trying Calexa or Lexapro..I had my first appt.
with this new psychiatrist today and he changed my meds/dosages...I am
now on Wellbutrin XL 300 & upped the fluoxetine to 80 mg in the a.m. and
upped the trazodone from 50 - 100 mg hs to now 200 mg hs...he also
suggested a "small dose of Seroquel to help with sleep "--as I will not take
any sleeping meds such as ambien,sonata,temazepam,flurazepam,or triazolam.
However,seroquel is technically classified as an anti-psychotic and with my
mother beind dx as" paranoid schitzophrenic ".. even before I was born..I was
always the " mother " and never really had a "mom"..I couldnt "deal" with
even being rxed the seroquel thus the increase in trazodone to help with
the sleep...hope it works ASAP as I have only been sleeping 2-3 hrs/night
and today I lost more weight I discovered at his office....in the last six
months I have lost almost 60 lbs, and I wasnt really hefty/big to begin
with....Oh Fisher....sorry to burden you with all of this considering all that
you have gone thru & continue to go through..You replying to me really
meant a lot to me and brought a smile to my face...Love Ya...

Love....Chris :wave: