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According to a review article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) in 2003, the incidence of fatal rhabdomyolysis, per 1 million prescriptions, ranged from 3.16 (for cerivastatin aka Baycol, since removed from the market), to a low of 0 for Fluvastatin (aka Lescol), and all others were less then 1.

The same article estimated that general muscle weakness and/or pain (ie. general myopathy, where there was no clear sign of muscle wasting disease, that is no elevated CKP enzymes or other diagnostic evidence to explain the symptoms) ranged from 1% to 5% of statin users (who number in the millions now).

This was a review article of published incidences and reports, not a clinical trial (it covered reported data for 1999 to 2002).

An editorial in AustralianPrescriber (again, 2003) reported general myalgia at 3%-7% in clinical trials, but noted that these levels were similar to those reported with placebo.

It can appear fairly quickly, or not for awhile. It is also dose dependent, so someone may not see it at a low dose, but will experience it at a higher. Also, muscle pain or weakness with one statin drug, may not occur with another (I had it with just 10mg of lipitor and 40mg zocor, but not with 20mg zocor, and am not having any problems with 10mg crestor now).