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Hi again, Lonelymum. May be your friend meant "atrial fibrillation". I've it too.

Yes, it was the third one. It rescheduled for few times because of my sore throat. Again they forgot to order me a GA. End up I went into complete heart block. They just gave mine one to someone else. The nurse said that I might be not getting a new one so I cried and cried for 2 days! :(

supra ventricular tachycardia = SVT. I had it when I was 15 till 27 yrs old. It was fixed by ablation. My holter report has many many things there. I'd posted here before. I've wpw.

I'm start taking the fluvastatin. Last night and the night before, I got NO Pain! But..... In the middle of the night, my fingers start swelling! No pain, wake up have a walk then it all strink.

Try some massage. It might be help.