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Thanks for answering my post. How you've been?

Verapamil which was the first sign to cause my early fatty liver. I stopped it before the ultrasound (2005). 2007, I was in Fluvastatin and metformin, my gastro dr said I need to take Nexium again. Nexium went into the pills mix..... After about two or three weeks then my upper right abdomen pain. My GP allowed me to stop all the med. Then I went back and checked my blood test result. Only the liver and platelets are a bit out of range. Iron is dropping but still have some to spare. She might be angry of me didn't take the Nexium. So she said I don't have to go back!

I got all the copies of the lab result. She is in the hospital consultation suite. I like her. She is much more better than my first gastro Dr. Amongst so many drs, I think she is the best one. How I'm going to ask her "What I did wrong? Why don't want to take me?"