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Thank you for the welcome and the advice:)
I am just wondering if anyone here has ever tested for similar levels. I am concerned because some of the numbers are lower than they are in healthy people and I am wondering what these abbreviations mean that have the words "reference range" next to them. For example, I know that Hematocrit is supposed to be at a level of at 45% for men, but I am not at that level. It can be really hard to get answers from my doctor. I don't have any bleeding that I know of. I had an upper GI fluoroscopy and apparently every thing was fine so that ruled out any large bleeding ulcers. Maybe I could be bleeding small amounts at a time or maybe whatever is causing my non-ulcer dyspepsia is causing me to not absorb minerals or vitamins as well as I used to. From my (extremely limited) understanding of the subject iron, b-12, and vitamin deficiencies can cause abnormal changes in the blood.
I am waiting for my insurance to clear the medicines my doctor prescribed. One was basically fish oil (all I could read on the prescription slip was "Omega-3") and the other was Fluvastatin 40 mg.
Every day is a struggle until I can find out what is wrong with me. Hopefully when my weight and my cholesterol/triglycerides lower I will start to feel a little better.