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Hi! I am curious if anyone is taking any additional vitamins or supplements to help with dysplasia. My doc said there is nothing proven but I don't think it can hurt to boost the immune system. I have been taking
multivitamin with antioxidants
folic acid
vitamin e
beta carotene
vitamin c
Just curious to see if anyone else is trying these things. : )

I take about 15 vitamins a day. I have pcos also, and hair loss as my worst symptom so have to take a whole SLEW of them ---

Ultra Mega beauty/vitality pack (tons of stuff in one pack)
Antioxidant w/ natural E
Fish Oil
Folic Acid
L Lysine
Coenzyme Q 10

& i have a banana a day to help with potassium from BCP

LLysine is supp to be GREAT for dysplasia
I have taken a multi vitamin, 400 mcg extra folic acid, vitamin c. Also ground flaxseed. And exercise. I have had 2 normal paps since my dysplasia. I'm not sure if it helped but it sure didn't hurt!