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Found this good info - take your folic acid girls!


Once a woman has been treated for CIN, followup examinations are in order, but dietary changes are also important. It has long been known that CIN is associated with a deficiency of folic acid due to a low intake of this B vitamin, also known as folate. The most recent study to drive this point home was published in the ]Journal of the American Medical Association early this year.

In a study that compared the colposcopic examination of 294 women with CIN and 170 women without the condition, C .E. Butterworth, Jr., M.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues at several other medical centers, found an association between CIN and folate deficiency. Low blood levels of folate were shown to enhance the effect of other known risk factors for cervical cancer--that is, the number of sexual partners, parity (full-term pregnancies), oral contraceptive use, and the presence of human papillomavirus 16. (There are over 66 distinct types of human papillomavirus; No. 16 is one of the few types known to be associated with the high risk of cervical cancer.) Some of the many food sources of folate include black-eyed peas, chick peas, chicken liver, oranges, brewer's yeast, and spinach. Supplementation of up to 400 micrograms is considered safe. (The Recommended Daily Allowance is 0.4 milligrams for non-pregnant, non-lactating adults.) Some nutritionists recommend the addition of 30 milligrams of zinc because an increase in folate is known to impair zinc absorption.
well- that explains a bit to me.my doc has had me taking prenatals since before my surgery, and they are high in folic acids. its also doubly good for me since i'm about to try to concieve.

Not to mention that a folic acid deficiency in the mother causes at least 70% of the cases of Spina Bifida in babies. If anyone is planning a pregnancy in future, you need to be taking a good multi-vitamin with 400mg of folic acid at least four months before you conceive. Prenatal vitamins taken *after* conception won't prevent neural tube defects like Spina Bifida. Doctors don't stress that enough.

(aunt of a 10 year old with Spina Bifida)