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I suffered from clinical depression for 17 years, trying many drugs/alternative therapies. Eventually--and after 3 different homeopaths--we found a homeopathic remedy (Naturm Muriaticum) that is effective against my symptoms. I take an LM potency whenever the symptoms return, which is about once a week or so.

My problem is: I'm very senstive to light and live in Phoenix AZ. I need to stay in doors all year. If I go for an extended drive/road trip and am in the car for more than about 1 hour, my homeopathic remedy is antidoted, and I need to redose and wait for it to become effective again, which takes a day or two.

For years I was satisified to remain indoors because, with clinical depression, I didn't have the energy to go anywhere. Now I want to get outside but can't. Beside using a Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 combo, does anyone know of a treatment for light sensitivity? I'd like to take any ideas to my naturopath and try them.

We've considered changing my homeopathic remedy, but my homeopath and I have decided against it for reasons that are too long to go into just now.

Any help would be appreciated. :cool: