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We are being exposed to too many nutritional hazards. Unless we begin to eat organic, and basically become of vegetarian, we are getting a variety of cancer causing pcb's, mercury, hormonal additives to beef. The list goes on and on.

Too much estrogen, after age 50 the tumors are mostly estrogen fueled. In Asia, BC rates are beginning to climb because they've added our foods to their diet instead of eating the foods they're use to. We should stop eating processed foods.

There are some protective measures to take:

If you enjoy an alcohol beverage take folic acid and B6 every day. It's very protective. Pomegranate wine is very protective if you like a glass of wine. They say it's best not to drink any alcohol, but if you do, take extra folic acid.

ground flax seeds escorts the extra estrogen we don't need out of our bodies.
raw broccoli and spinach is very protective, eat more fiber 25 grams a day.
Only eat the good fats, which is olive oil and avocado's, almonds, walnut and pecans.
Keep your cholesterol under 200 total.
Red grapes, raspberries, apples are very protective. Blueberries are high in anti-oxidants. 3/8th of a teaspoon of the spice tumeric is very protective. Take everyday if your not on daily aspirin therapy.

Co Q 10 enzymes is said to be protective. And where there is magnesium in the foods or water, less heart disease and cancer was reported in that area. you may want to consider adding magnesium citrate type to your vitamin regimen.

Drink filtered water and 1/2 hour of exercise each day is also protective. Good luck to us.