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You sound like you're under a tremendous amount of stress. :-( You said that you were taking inhibitors, what's that for? Why would you stop taking Prevacid at this point (is it helping any)? If you've been taking the valium for 20 years, why stop right now when you've had so much stress in your life? Seems like a bad time to do it. I've been under a considerable amount of stress for the last two years. I believe my problem stemmed partially from stress, but mostly taking too much of the supplement Folic Acid. Both my parents got ill and between working and running I forgot I was taking it (my husband would put it in my weekly pill containers). I started getting horrible stomach pain and had difficulty breathing over night. I had every severe allergic symptom to it you could have which also mimick anxiety disorders and GERD. I lost 40 lbs because I couldn't eat. Anyway, it took me nearly a year to figure out that I was taking 3-4 times the recommended dose of Folic Acid. It really messed up my stomach, and caused me so much anxiety because I thought I was having a heart attack. I never had a problem prior to that with my stomach, and although I'd have anxiety attacks occasionally, they were triggered by unpleasant situations (not a daily thing). But, having all that...I've had nausea for months at a time this last year. I took Prevacid Solutab and finally got rid of the chest pain, but I still have this weird breathing thing going on. It often feels like I can't get enough air (especially when I am sitting and not doing anything). When I exert, I feel better. I have also been drinking the apple cider vinegar that someone mentioned on here.....it really helps with the acid. I took it for four days and had no reflux, and didn't take it one day and burped up acid. Have you tried the Apple Cider Vinegar? Strawberries are known to help nausea, have you tried that? My sister-in-laws friend had been having stomach problems for some time, but didn't tell anyone. It peaked when he went out to eat with his wife and he had to run to the bathroom and vomit after taking a couple bites of his dinner. Not only that, he was in considerable pain. Well, he found out he had an ulcer, which is easily treated, but he went through months of misery just hoping it would go away. Stress can cause so many bizarre things and so can stomach problems. I've had so many bizarre symptoms the last year and a half that I couldn't even list them. It's been really hard to function. I can totally relate to how you're feeling and I know it's awful. I feel better than I did a year ago, and I have gained weight back, but I hardly feel normal, but hopefully it's going that direction. You just gotta keep trying different things until you find the thing that makes you feel better.